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"It's working time now," Xia Linxi said righteously. "I don't want to talk to you about this." She withdrew her hand and quickly changed the subject: "You know, I'm in the Department of Mathematics. I've read a lot of papers in the past year and written nearly 100,000 lines of code. I have an improved algorithm for our data analysis model." She sat next to him: "General Manager Jiang, are you interested to listen to it?" Jiang Zhenghan did not care about working hours at all. He laughed and replied, "You sit on my lap and talk to me from beginning to end." Xia Linxi asks in reply: "Why to discuss a problem, sit on your lap even?" Jiang Zhenghan took out the draft paper and called out the project: "You sit closer, more convenient to communicate." He said so quite reasonable, Xia Linxi nodded, also really sat over. They discussed for half an hour, and then Jiang Zhenghan went out alone and continued to discuss with Lao Yang in the group. Xia Linxi sat in his original position and thought for a while, but his cell phone lit up at this time. Xia Linxi opened it and saw that it was her mother's call. Chapter 90. After the phone rang three times, Xia Linxi pressed and answered. Her mother was silent for a few seconds and then asked her, "Tell Mom, how are you?" Xia Linxi stood up with his cell phone in his hand and closed the front door of the room. With her back against the iron gate, she answered as usual, "It's going well. How about you, Mom?" The mother did not mention her condition. She continued to ask, "You didn't go home during the summer vacation because of your internship at Iion Company. There is no other reason, right?" The basement is poorly lit and ventilated, and the chandelier hangs from the top ceiling, illuminating every corner of the room, but not the difference between day and night. Xia Linxi stood in such a place and lied to his mother calmly: "Yes, I am working in the company." In fact,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, she was also afraid of her exposure, so she did not dare to say much: "We are a little busy today, and we may have to work overtime in the evening." Not long after she finished, the conversation fell silent. Just then, someone knocked on the door. Xia Linxi stood still and heard the voice outside the door: "Xia Linxi, the algorithm you mentioned is too troublesome to implement. The available value is not high. Have you considered this problem?" The speaker is Chen Yichuan. Through an iron gate, Chen Yichuan gushed: "What is the most important thing now?"? After writing all the functions, the performance optimization you put forward can be postponed to the later stage. Xia Linxi clenched his cell phone and opened the door. Chen Yichuan half against the door frame, tall and straight like a flag, stood at the door of the room. He was much taller than Xia Linxi. Now he raised his head and said, "Xia Linxi, what are you busy with? Why don't you come out and write the code?" "I'm on the phone," said Xia Linxi. "I'll go to work after the call." She and Chen Yichuan hastily finished, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, watching him go far, she opened her mouth to continue the conversation: "Mom, what's the matter with you?" When Xia Linxi used to talk to his mother on the phone, the atmosphere was a little more harmonious than it is today. She did not know what had happened, but her mother's tone was not right, and she was obviously aware of it. She had been psychologically prepared, but unexpectedly her mother said bluntly: "You come out, I am now outside your office building." Come Out. I'm outside your office building now. In this basement, everyone is busy except Xia Linxi. When Xia Linxi walked out of the front door, few people noticed her, and because she looked the same as usual, no one thought anything had happened. Through the corridor of the basement is to reach the stairs of the first floor. Xia Linxi walked up the stairs. As soon as he stepped out of the office building, he saw a car parked on the roadside. The body is all black, the logo is conspicuous, the market price is very high, and the license plate number is very good. At noon, the scorching sun showed that the heat was hard to endure, and the sun was like a wave of heat, baking the ground hot. Pedestrians, dressed in cool clothes, passed the car one after another until the window slowly rolled down and Xia Linxi saw her mother. She stood in place and hesitated for two seconds, thinking of Jiang Zhenghan in the basement, after all, she went to the side of the car without hesitation. Mom, why are you here? "Xia Linxi tried to relax with his hands behind his back." I didn't expect you to come to Beijing. I did practice at Iion, but here.. " Her mother wore sunglasses on her face, her long wavy hair was coiled up, and her makeup looked appropriate, but it could not hide her tired expression. She seemed to want to say something to Xia Linxi, but after holding her hands on the steering wheel for a while, she just changed her tune and said, "All right, baby, get in the car." The car turned on the cold air conditioner. As soon as Xia Linxi sat down, his mother stepped on the accelerator. "Haven't you had lunch yet?" Her mother said in the front row. "Mom will take you to dinner." It was twelve o'clock at noon, and the weather outside was particularly hot and dry. The car passed through the current block and stopped at the gate of the Five-Star Hotel. Two doormen in uniform greeted the guests. Before Xia Linxi got off, the doorman greeted him outside the car and said, "Welcome." The mother took off her sunglasses and reached for her purse. "The hotel is better than the basement. Let's talk about it here." Then he led her through the door and into the hotel lobby. From childhood to adulthood, Xia Linxi was strictly required by his mother to get the first place in the exam and strive for the best in everything. But she was not a child prodigy, and sometimes she could not do it,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, so her mother would criticize her, and the wording was quite serious. So in her memory, there was rarely a time when her mother and she discussed a problem together. Today is a rare exception. It was time to eat at noon. There were many customers sitting in the restaurant. Xia Linxi looked down at the menu and said aloud at the same time: "It's not that I don't want to tell the truth. I'm afraid you'll be angry with me when you know it." Mother sat across from her and looked at another menu. "What would you like for lunch?"? The soup of mountain delicacies here tastes very good. Mushrooms are transported from the northeast. The bird's nest with rock sugar is also good. 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