Recommend [Comprehensive] False Protagonist and True Demon King

bears, dragons, tempestuous on mountain and river, startle the forest and make the heights tremble. clouds darken

Is this the new substance you have discovered? The kind that turns ordinary people into superpowers in an instant? It looks like an ordinary potion. Is it really as magical as you say? Vodka closed the box unhappily. "If I remember correctly, you have seen the effect." "But don't you think the price of this medicine with irreparable defects is too high?" Osamu Dazai blinked his eyes, his kite-colored eyes with lingering tenderness, but it was such a young man who spoke terrible words. Once used, they will die. There are not so many people in the world who are willing to die. Even if they are cheated many times, they will always be found out. That is to say, it is not worth the price. It seems that you don't want to talk about this business at all and want to go back on your word? That depends on whether you can. Vodka waved his hand, and the black-clad men behind him pulled out the wooden storehouse, their faces expressionless. Dazai raised his hand, but with a smile on his face, "Oh, oh, I'm scared to death. It's so terrible." "Don't play the fool." When Dazai heard this, he put down his hand. "Well, are you the backbone of the organization? Vodka, bourbon, gin? Hey, hey,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, hey, you're not a winery, are you?" Even the simple-minded vodka sensed something was wrong. Shoot! Osamu Dazai laughed. "You think I'm playing with you for so long. Obviously, I'm stalling." Shots were fired, but none of the bullets hit him. Instead, the black-clad member who raised the gun screamed and fell down. Vodka looked at the fallen man and looked at Dazai in shock. What did you do?! Osamu Dazai walked over step by step with his hands in his pockets. "Do you think I'll tell you?"? Have you ever heard that the villain died of talking too much? "As the biggest villain, I won't make that mistake." At that moment,Kava Root Extract, the darkness of Dazai's body was expanding little by little, which made almost everyone at the scene step back subconsciously, obviously still the original appearance, obviously still smiling, but why, it would make people so afraid. Vodka tried to rush over and knock the guy down, but as soon as he took a step, he felt so dizzy that he could hardly stand. Osamu Dazai tilted his head and took out a wooden warehouse from his pocket. Okay, now it's my time. ".." Go Osamu Dazai watched the men retreat back into the warehouse. He calmly put the wooden warehouse back into his pocket. In fact, there was not a bullet in it. To be honest, it was really interesting to intimidate others like this. As soon as he pulled into the warehouse, the vodka got a call. Hello? Is that Mr. Vodka?! That's not our guy. My assistant is tied up in my basement, so, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, so.. "Shut up, old man. Are you trying to kill us?!" The vodka roared. The moment he entered the warehouse, he felt something in the air, with a lot of dust, like dust and pollen, which made people breathe hard and had a strange fragrance. This is probably why they are so passive. Vodka wasn't sure who the man was or what was going on, but all of them were drugged, dizzy and weak, and if the young man came in, he would catch them all. You, drink the potion and kill the man. Vodka pointed to a random person. Ugh? Me, me? Everyone knows the effect of that potion, and if you drink that potion, you will die! No, I don't want to die, I can't die! I don't drink! The man was caught by the vodka, and he tried to force it into him, but the man's struggle knocked down the glass bottle in his hand, and the small flame in the bottle slipped out along the liquid medicine. Dazai stood outside the gate looking at the mobile phone screen, Shen Xi has not been back to the message, there is a little bit of worry. He dialed the phone directly, and Dazai put his cell phone to his ear and went out. Have you ever heard of dust explosion? Just a little open fire, bang. Beautiful fireworks. ” There were explosions one after another, and Osamu Dazai didn't even look back. Compared to gin, this vodka was really too easy to deal with. I don't know why the organization raised such a waste. Not to mention the Central Plains, he couldn't even compare with the number of A in Hong Kong. Tae-jae? The opposite side finally got through. Shen Xi, what are you doing? I haven't replied to the message just now, and I'm a little worried about you. Shen Xi was silent for a moment. "It's all right. There's no need to worry." Osamu Dazai murmured, "but I feel like you're going to leave alone behind my back." Shen Xi:.. "So it's true that you really intend to do so?" Osamu Dazai muttered discontentedly, "It's too much, Shen Xi. You can't leave me behind every time." "Because you're not here. If you were here, of course I would take you with me." Osamu Dazai was still not satisfied. "Can't you wait for me?" "Death is such a thing." Can it wait? "At least say an answer to make me happy, Shen Xi, you are really cold and fierce." Shen Xi froze for a moment, "is there?"? But for your words, it's better to tell the truth. I feel that Tae-jae's words will understand me very well, and there's no need to say anything beautiful. "That makes me a little comfortable." Dazai continued to walk with his hands behind his back. "Wait for me to go back. I'll solve it here." "So soon." "Because there are no more brilliant people, there are some guys who think they are quite powerful but actually don't know anything." Osamu Dazai sighed. "Actually, I don't know as much as the dwarf." "You're complaining about Mr. Zhongyuan Zhongye again." Osamu Dazai gave a low laugh. "Hang up. This side is probably alarmed. I have to get out quickly." Hang up the phone, Shen Xi put his cell phone in his pocket, then looked at the person he stepped on, his dark eyes had no emotion,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and his voice had no ups and downs. So, let's get on with it, sir. Gin's face twisted with pain. "You.." Who is it?! 。