The Road of Female Companion's Honor and Favor (wear quickly

bears, dragons, tempestuous on mountain and river, startle the forest and make the heights tremble. clouds darken

Zhao Jingcheng, who witnessed all this, was expressionless, as if he were treating an insignificant object. The sound fell, and the faces of the perilla and purple warbler on the scene suddenly changed. Li Fei empress arranged well, let them two good lurk in the three princes side, two princes are Li Fei's own son, it is reasonable to say that they should pass the gas. But from the way the two princes molested them, I'm afraid they didn't know the intention of the imperial concubine, did they? If the two princes had taken the two of them away by mistake, it would have wasted a lot of pains for the imperial concubine. "Ah, third brother, you're joking with second brother!" Zhao Jingchun rolled his eyes and came to Zhao Jingcheng. "This is the beauty that my father gave you. Even if my second brother likes it again, he can't take away his love!"! Third brother, what kind of person do you think second brother is? With these words, Zhao Jingchun clenched his fist and hit Zhao Jingcheng in the chest, then put his arms around his shoulders and shoulder to shoulder, and looked at the good posture of the two brothers outside. Last night, the beauty threw herself into her arms, and the third brother was killed in the middle of the night, which was really surprising. My good third brother, you can't do that, can you? Ha ha ha Zhao Jingchun lowered his voice, but it was quiet all around, and his volume was just enough to be heard by the eunuchs who were close to him. Hearing what the two princes said, the purple perilla and the purple warbler blushed and lowered their heads, not daring to look at them again. The others were also holding back their unnatural feelings, and quietly looked at Zhao Jingcheng. This bright is deliberately finding fault, Zhao Jingcheng no matter how to answer,30ml dropper bottle, will easily become a joke when chatting in the palace. This palace is naturally not as good as the second elder brother. It is said that the second elder brother is very natural and unrestrained. It really makes Jing Cheng envious. As soon as Zhao Jingcheng changed the subject, he avoided the previous question and turned to flatter the two princes. "It's just that there was a man who got the'horse wind 'before. The symptoms are very terrible. The emperor's brother likes beauty and needs to pay more attention to his body. Don't catch a dirty disease." The words made Zhao Jingchun's face change, and finally he gritted his teeth and snorted coldly, staring at Zhao Jingcheng and throwing his sleeves away! Zhao Jingcheng, who watched his back, had a very innocent expression. After he walked away, he restored his indifferent expression and ordered everyone to follow him back to Yongfu Palace. Inside the Yongle Palace, Su Su-su also heard that someone had climbed into the bed of the third prince last night, but failed and lost his life. And the emperor also specially asked, rewarded the two beauties. And Zhao Jingcheng, who can be called a'golden bachelor ', accepted the man for the first time, which made Su feel a little surprised. At the same time, he wanted to explore the beauty of the two beauties and see Zhao Jingcheng's intention to do so. Having made up her mind, Su Su-su asked someone to dress her up and went to the Yongle Palace in a sedan chair. She arrived at lunch time, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Oil Dropper Bottle, just as she and Zhao Jingcheng had not eaten together for a long time, this time taking this opportunity to sit together and have a friendly meal. The Pearl Princess has arrived. Before he reached the palace gate, he heard the people who greeted him lengthen the end of the song. Su Su-su got out of the sedan chair and let a group of saluting people get up and go straight to the court. Wen Gui hurried out to meet her and rashly stopped her in front of her: "Gong.." Princess, you can't go in there.. Temple. Your Highness, he is not very convenient now. "What is inconvenient?" Su Su-su did not react for a moment, thinking of Wen Gui's embarrassed face, he immediately had a spectrum in his heart. All right, you Zhao Jingcheng! Beauty just arrived in the palace, buttocks haven't sat on the bench hot, can't wait to stay in the beauty village? "The princess has something to do with the third brother. On weekdays, the third brother loves me the most. How can it be inconvenient to see me?" Pretending not to understand, Su Su-su pretended to be naive, and then she walked around Wengui to the palace gate of the hall. Wen Gui, a little eunuch, wanted to stop but did not dare to stop. He followed Su Su-su's side to persuade him, until Su Su-su stopped in front of the palace gate and his eyes fell straight on the people hugging him left and right in the hall. Suddenly, he was silenced and dared not speak any more. Zhao Jingcheng, holding the perilla in his left hand and the purple warbler in his right hand, drank the wine from their hands in one gulp, and even if someone picked up the food, he would not refuse to come, teasing and playing, and he was intoxicated like a dandy. When he saw Su coming to the door, he did not restrain himself, but arrogantly pulled the body of the people around him and pressed them on his legs, "pour wine." Perilla exclaimed, aware that there was no danger, hurriedly a face of joy, raised only the snow-white lotus root arm of the gauze to pour wine. ……” Su looked down and suddenly turned around and lifted up her dress and ran away. Princess Qingbi exclaimed. As soon as Zhao Jingcheng's eyes changed, he suddenly pushed away the man on his body and ran after him, chasing after a charming figure that had disappeared from the arch. Qingbi and others also wanted to keep up, but Zhao Jingcheng, who was drifting with the wind, said, "No one is allowed to keep up!" Nailed in place. After running out of the Yongfu Palace, there was only a high palace wall outside. Su Su-su ran along the palace wall and noticed that someone was catching up with her faster. Stop! Zhao Jingcheng drinks. He had just done it on purpose, so that the little princess could see him wandering with the beauty, and wanted to test the little princess's reaction. Su heard the call of the person behind her stop, but unfortunately she would not pay attention to him. Zhao Jingcheng saw that people did not stop at all, immediately at the foot of the ruthless, a few steps to catch up with people will be taken aside against the palace wall. Run for what! Do you think I'm a monster? “… It's none of your business! Sue choked, and she ran out on impulse, not thinking of so much at all. Just now, you saw the third brother and the two women together, and you felt uncomfortable? Pulling people to the hidden place of the palace wall covered by vines, Zhao Jingcheng stared at the people in front of him. How is that possible? Su Su-su pretended to be indifferent. "Are those two women the beauties that your father gave you?"? It's really my pity to see you, third brother,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, you are blessed. "I don't care about beauty at all!" Zhao Jingcheng's tone was a little cold. "It was just a play with them just now.". Huan, do you know who is the master behind these two men? "Who?" Su Su-su asked along the lines. "The man chosen by Concubine Li was given by her father." Zhao Jingcheng cherishes words like Jindao, and Su Su-su quickly understands the power of this and is suddenly enlightened.