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Original title: Running 10: Zhou Shen challenges the Olympic champion, contracts the whole period to watch,

The young man said keenly, "I feel …" You seem to be leaving. You're not going to stay here long, are you? "I still have a nest of spiders to raise, innocent little baby. I was going to take you back, but obviously, you can't give up everything as a human being." With a light laugh, the bride's soft fingertips gently touched his palm, as well as the glittering and translucent spider, and slowly explained: "As a big demon, I should take care of the same race, at least to take you through the most confused stage after acquiring the ability, but you are much better than I imagined, you are still a cub, but in the use of ability." You don't really need me, do you? Peter lowered his eyes a little disappointedly. Fine Peter felt that the bride seemed to have come to open the door to a new world for him. When he found out that he could protect himself, he left a phone number to tell him to call if there was a problem that could not be solved, and then went all over the world to find the parents of the next cub and raise one after another. No, she wasn't even going to give him her phone number. Peter braced himself. "How long will you stay?"? I remember you just mentioned that you promised to help a lady find out where her missing husband was. Maybe I can help, too? "Well, that reminds me. You do have something to do with it, but I'm not going to let you get involved." The bride raised her eyebrows, narrowed her long, narrow and charming eyes slightly, and said to Peter, "This lady's husband was employed by Osborne Industries before he disappeared. He was the designated experimenter of Mr. Norman Osborne. However, he was declared missing not long ago, and there was no news of kidnapping or anything like that. So the police think he is dead, but the body has not been found yet." That's why the lady asked me at great expense to help find her husband. Peter looked serious. "It's Osborne Industries again. I've always suspected that they're secretly making a special potion, but there's no evidence. And Mr. Osborne seems very kind. He's been soliciting military investment recently. He shouldn't be desperate at this time." "Osborne is a capitalist, young man." The bride seemed to think of something and said in a cold voice, "Have you ever heard of a word?"? If capital has a profit of 50%, it will take risks in desperation, if it has a profit of 100%, it will dare to trample on all the laws of the world, if it has 300% profit, it will dare to commit any crime, even at the risk of being hanged. The more times like this, radio shuttle racking , the more desperate people like Osborne will be. She looked at Peter and said, "I don't want you to get involved in this. You and Harry Osborne are friends, Peter. I know you value this human boy very much. I trust your vision of friendship, but I don't trust your friend's father very much. The lady also suspected Norman Osborne because her husband left a clue." "What clue?" Peter asked nervously. "An empty potion bottle with dried potion in it. The researcher valued it so much that even his wife was not allowed to touch it. He thought he would be famous for it." The bride looked dismissive of the man. "But he died for it," she said. "That's why his wife suspected Osborn, because he acted ignorant, which is not normal in itself, and the researcher mentioned that he had to work overtime the night before he disappeared." "But the police didn't record this at all?" "So I say that Osborne is a capitalist." Chapter 152 a big spider (5). Peter Didn't get to enjoy the cookies the bride had baked and the steak dinner that May had cooked for them. Harry and Mary Jane knocked on the door of the apartment just as Peter took the cookies out of the oven. No way, the bride, relying on her constitution, took the baking tray in the oven without baking gloves, which almost scared Mei, so Peter was entrusted with the responsibility of watching her, but the aunt was very considerate to put on the baking gloves for him personally. May looked a little surprised when she opened the door. She called Peter a few times and then said to the new guest with some regret, "Harry, Mary.." Oh, my God. Peter didn't say you were coming. I didn't even prepare enough dinner. Would you mind waiting for a moment? Peter looked even more surprised than May. He poked his head out of the kitchen with a baking glove in his hand and said blankly, "Harry and Mary, you're not going to a concert. Why did you come to the apartment?" "Yes, but I got an extra ticket, so Mary and I changed our plans at the last minute. After all, it's not like Osborn to leave his friends, is it, Peter?" Harry, looking dashing in his suit, winked at Peter and then gave May a genuine smile. "Actually, I wanted to invite Peter to the musical. I got three good tickets and I want to share them with my friends." Peter thought of the bride in the kitchen. I'm sorry, Harry. I may not have time. Harry looked straight at him in the light with his green eyes, and with some pressure, he asked, "Why, don't you want to, Peter?" Peter: "…" As God is his witness, Peter really doesn't want to. After all, Mary is still here. If it's just him and Harry, or just him and Mary (no, Mary has a boyfriend), then he's very willing. But when Harry and Mary are together, he doesn't want to have an awkward threesome with the young couple at all. May saw Peter's embarrassment, remembered his secret love for Mary Jane, and volunteered, "There's a guest at home. Peter may not have much time. Are you dating?" Mary Jane looked sweetly at Harry. "Yes." "It's just a dinner and a musical." Harry's answer was succinct, and then he looked at Peter. "Yes," he asked. Your friend I don't know? Peter didn't know how to answer for a moment. Harry frowned uncomfortably.