Little Fox's Journey to the Other World 2

Original title: Running 10: Zhou Shen challenges the Olympic champion, contracts the whole period to watch,

Looking at the two men who were discussing how to attack, I felt so bored that I looked around for a while, said hello casually and ran to play by myself. I don't know if it's because there are ice toads here, the surroundings are particularly quiet, there are no aggressive creatures, and that's why I can stroll so casually. Think about it, since entering the snow line, the density of the strange has increased a lot, they are almost all fighting to come, compared to here is a good place for me, ah, at least to protect personal safety. In fact, if not for the "other world" stipulates that the level gap is more than 15 teams, low level people will not be able to get experience value, it is estimated that I can mix to 10. Random in this "safety zone" in a circle, everywhere is a white one is really not interesting, just when I want to return, but found in the nearby rock wall blooming a white flower, in a snow-white, this flower is not very impressive, if not for the wind floating a little elegant fragrance, it is estimated that I would not have noticed. Could it be that. That's Snow Lotus? Thinking, I stepped forward. Fortunately,Drive in racking system, there was a protruding rock under the rock wall where the flower grew. I climbed up the rock with my front paws, raised my paws and tried to dig towards its root. The soil in the crevice of the rock was a little loose. The paws pushed hard, and the flower fell down. I was so happy that I jumped down from the rock, stretched out my forelimbs and patted it. By the way, I checked whether it was really a snow lotus. But when I saw it, I was dumbfounded. It turned out that there were only a few words on the attribute column: "Unknown white flower picked by the fox". By the way, it seems that we have to use identification before collection, right? And It seems that I didn't even use the collection technique, so I just picked it up. I patted my head with my paw,Pallet rack upright, haha, I was just digging flowers, and I forgot all about it! No way, this has been finished, I raised my head and looked around, in a short time, not far from the rock wall also found the same big white flower. Once again, he tried to climb into the air, but this time the rock under his feet did not seem to be stable, and it shook slightly with a slight movement. This flash, my heart can not help but tremble with it. When I finally stood firm, I quickly used the identification technique to throw away the white flowers in front of me. Invalid "" Invalid "" Invalid ".." No matter how many times I use it, the "invalid" tone always comes from my ears.. It makes me almost numb. My patience has never been good, and in a few minutes I have completely lost interest in it, covering my mouth with my paws, yawning lazily, heavy duty racking system ,Narrow aisle rack, and stretching my body lazily. To be honest, all this is nothing, but the problem is that I completely forget that I am on a rock that only allows me to stand on four feet, this is not, the range of movement is so slightly larger, the center of gravity changes, the whole person can not help but fall back. The change came so suddenly that I didn't react until there was a sharp pain in my back. The first feeling was that I was lucky enough to be alive, and the second feeling was. My feet were empty again, and suddenly there was darkness in front of me, and my body kept falling down, and at that moment, there seemed to be a warm current surrounding me. Am I unlucky or lucky? Touched by the snow just hit the head of the pain, check their remaining 1 life value, I can not help but send out such a feeling. I don't know where I fell, except for a little light in the hole where I fell before, there was darkness everywhere, even when I looked down, I couldn't see my claws clearly. Just as he was puzzling over how to get out, the light laughter of a young woman suddenly came out of the darkness, with a little pride in it, but it seemed that there was no malice in it, but more like the sound of a successful prank. I blinked in the direction of the sound, but I couldn't see anything. "Young Patriarch, I have used magic to protect you. It shouldn't be a big problem, should it?" The life value is only 1. Is it not a big problem? Just a little bit, I guess I have to go back to the top of the mountain again, this time probably not so good luck, and then a cat came to give me food, thinking, I stuck out my tongue and asked: "Who are you?"? And could you brighten up the place? As soon as my voice fell, more than a dozen hazy light groups appeared in front of my eyes. They floated in the air like this, emitting a faint yellow light. Only then did I see the man in front of me. It was a rather comely girl of about sixteen or seventeen years old, dressed in light blue leather armor, but showing a large area of white skin in this cold place. Seeing me looking at her, she covered her mouth with her hand and said softly with a smile, "Young Patriarch, it's just a joke. You can't tell me from your Highness." "Do you know Sister Mei?"? Also You seem to know me, too? Will call me a young patriarch, that only know that I am a snow fox clan, right? The girl slowly walked up to me and knelt down on one knee. She said with a smile, "Of course, your Highness dominates the water, while the young patriarch dominates the ice.." I am also a poor family, how can I not know it? Dominate. Ice? Seeing my puzzled face, the girl gently explained, "The head of the Snow Fox clan has always been the king of ice and snow. Now that you have succeeded to the position of the head of the clan, you should be our Lord.". This, this, this.. What's going on here? Although Ling Xue passed on the position of patriarch to me, I was the only one in the Snow Fox clan besides Ling Xue and Mother Fox. I always thought that the patriarch was in charge of myself. Why did the king of ice and snow suddenly appear? Perhaps aware that I was more confused, the girl stood up and chuckled,long span shelving, "It seems that your accession to the throne is quite hasty." But it doesn't matter, you will know all this sooner or later, and then you will understand the responsibility you have to bear.