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Original title: Take you to play the Word custom ribbon Good evening, everyone! Today, I share with my friends the basic settings of the word custom function area, so that my friends can use word more easily. Getting to Know the Custom Ribbon First of all, where is the Word ribbon? As shown in the figure below, it is the Word ribbon; the ribbon consists of several tabs, and each tab contains several commands according to the function classification. Where do you want to set [Customize Ribbon]? Path: [File]- [Options]- [Customize Ribbon]. Customize Ribbon Basic Settings Create a user-defined function group Expand the full text If you want to add a command to a tab that does not appear in the ribbon,seamstress measuring tape, you must first add a custom group to the default tab or the new tab. After creating a new custom group, in the [Select Commands From] list, select [All Commands], locate the desired command,keychain tape measure, click [Add], add to the tab, and click OK to save the changes. We can also adjust the order according to actual needs. Click the [Move Up/Move Down] arrow on the right to move it to the target position. Click OK to save the modification. Remove commands from custom tabs/group We can only delete from the custom tab/group. Select the command to be deleted, right-click, select the [Delete] command, custom tape measure ,tailor measure tape, and click OK to save the changes. (Word built-in groups cannot be deleted) Rename a command in a custom group If you want to set the name of the personalized tab, click the [Rename] command, enter the new name in the [Rename] dialog box, and click OK to save the changes. If you select a functional group, you can not only rename the name, but also set the icon used to represent the command. Hide Tab/Custom Group Command If some tabs are not commonly used and we want to hide them, we can uncheck the tabs and click OK, so that they will not be displayed. (PS: The [Development Tools] tab is hidden by default. You can call out the [Development Tools] tab through this method to perform more intelligent typesetting operations on the document.) If you only want to hide a single custom group, select the custom group, right-click, select [Hide Command Tab], and click OK. (Only command names in custom groups can be hidden) Advanced Application: Reset Export Import Reset to default settings Having talked so much about the settings of the custom function area, it is estimated that many small partners have already started to set it up. If we accidentally mess up the custom ribbon, we just need to reset it. At this point we can reset the ribbon/selected tab. Reset restores the default settings. In the Customize Ribbon window, you can choose to reset all customizations or just the selected ribbon tab. Click OK to save your changes. Import Export Custom Ribbon If we have a new computer or want to share it with others, do we have to look for it again every time? The answer is no. We can directly use the [Import/Export] function at the bottom right. Click [Import/Export]- [Export All Custom Settings], and the settings are saved as [Exported officeUI File]. So the custom settings can be packed away, copied to the new computer, click the [Import/Export]- [Import Custom File] command, find the file address,bespoken tape measure, and click [Open]. A dialog box will pop up asking, "Do you want to replace all Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar customizations for this program?" ? Click [Yes] and the settings will be synchronized. All right, today's sharing is over. Go to the bottom of the article and give a like! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com